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Dr. Gower

Can’t keep an old cat down!

Woods Ave Animal Clinic took excellent care of my 18 year old cat Moglie. Dr. Gower and his team (Steve, Dolores & others) explained to me all the details of her treatment and continued to give follow up calls to see how she was doing. They also advised me on her diet, fluids and other treatments. I highly recommend their services as they were all great; to anyone who has pets and will continue to keep them as my primary consideration for all Vet needs!

Never in my life had I experienced such remarkable treatment from any physician

Dr. Gower,

I’ve been meaning to write this note for some time, but the pain of Colonel Mustard’s untimely death in July, slowed things down…As you know first hand, we Adlers mourn our pets very deeply. I tell friends that whenever you see us enter your office as a family, you know to call a grief counselor!

I’ve had the please to love and have felt pain of losing many animal over the years. But I must say, no veterinarian has come close to your level of comforting care. When my 21 year old tuxedo fell suddenly ill just after Thanksgiving in 2005, we rushed her to you knowing that full well that the old lady was on borrowed time. There wasn’t much that could have been done for her at that point and she passed away sometime during Saturday night or Sunday morning. That evening you opened your clinic to my family for a final farewell, that was beautiful and excruciating. You had taken the time to lay Spugz out on a blanket; you had also turned down the lights, lit a candle and had a dirge playing softly. This was more then any of us could have expected and it was greatly appreciated!! Then you afforded us the same courtesy upon losing Panther and Colonel.

Never in my life had I experienced such remarkable treatment from any physician, including my own! I cannot seem to tell enough people how truly wonderful you are.

As such, I felt I must do something to show my appreciation and that of my family! You are a phenomenal man, Dr. Gower and your talents and humanity will always be remembered by the Adlers.

We thank you for all you do…..

Love always,
Joanna Adler & family

Your kind, compassionate care meant the world to us.

Dear Dr. Gower,

I wanted to thank you for taking such amazing care of Sam. When we first brought Sam to you in January of 2007, he was suffering with thyroid issues. Your kind, compassionate care meant the world to us. You and your staff have become like family and we can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to keep Sammy healthy for so long. Margaret and Tara are the best and seeing friendly faces who were so loving to Sam whenever we got to your office was wonderful.

Thank you for everything Doctor Gower.

All our best,
Christine Connallon and Mike Perciaccante

This veterinary office is like no other.

First off my name is Dara and my beautiful puppy is Bella. My first experience with this office was AMAZING from the greeting at the door to filling out paperwork, to not even a 10 minute wait to be seen, and to be examined by the most phenominal Dr, Dr. Gower. I was so scared and nervous because my Bella had jumped and landed wrong injuring her leg and Margaret at the front desk was so sympathetic and caring and put my heart and Bella at ease. Their prices are VERY reasonable and everything was explained IN DETAIL before anything is done and/or charged. Margaret not only has a dog of her own, but she made me and the other patients feel like family where everyone was treated like her own. This veterinary office is like no other. I can’t say enough good things.

Dr. Gower when he first met me, has a great personality, and his sense of compassion for the animals were seen immediately. He held Bella and did a thorough evaluation on her including range of motion on all parts of her body to insure she was in tip cop healthy condition. Her blood work was even done by the doctor himself (very gentle and very impressive because my Bella never flinched even once. Even after her medication shots and blood was drawn, all she kept doing was giving him kisses. (Tell me what animal does that and not want to run for the door). The vet technicians, Rob, Matt, and Matt were outstanding and had complete control and only showed love towards these animals. What a great office with such professionalism that they come highly recommended by me and all of my neighbors who have furry family members.

Bella has another appointment in two weeks and she is already springing back to her normal self. I cannot thank Dr. Gower, Margaret and staff for not only being the BEST office, but for making me feel so comfortable to want to spread the word and the love for all animals. You made a worried and nervous mom, feel safe bringing her little one to be helped immediately. I can go on and on with wonderful reviews about this office. On the way out from this last appointment, I had also had the pleasure of meeting other parents such as myself who I had made friends with, so one day we can all have puppy play dates. Thats how close and like family we all were there. If there were 10 STARS to give this office I would!!!!!


Dara and Bella